Stovetop Pizza Oven


Homemade pizza is a great idea in theory—but the truth is, most home ovens just don’t have the firepower required to get that oh-so-coveted, crispy crust you’ll find on their wood-fired counterparts. Enter this compact pizza oven, which you can pop over a gas burner to create a hot-hot-hot haven for homemade pies in half the time it takes to preheat your oven. The sliding door keeps all the heat (up to 600° F) inside the oven, while a moisture vent on top prevents sogginess, so you can be sitting down to bubbling pizza in as little as 6 minutes. Dreams do come true.

For use with gas cooktops only.

  • Made in: China
  • Made of: Mild steel body, silicone handle, stainless steel backstop, stainless steel thermometer, cordierite stone, cordierite deflector plate
  • Size: 17″ L x 14.25″ W x 7″ H

Sourced from: Companion Group

Photography by Rocky Luten & James Ransom.

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