Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator


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Sous vide: maybe it sounds like gibberish to you, maybe it’s something you associate with a fancy night out at a restaurant. Sous vide-ing at home is a lot less intimidating than you think, and you’ll soon be enjoying the juiciest chicken, steak exactly to your liking, and poached eggs without all the choreography.

The Sansaire Sous Vide Machine is a sleek black wand that plugs into your wall and sits directly into your pot of boiling water (with the help of a sturdy stainless steel clamp that affixes to the side of your cooking vessel) and regulates the temperature of the water. No buying extra equipment or accessories here! You take a regular ‘ole ziplock bag (or may we suggest a reusable replacement), place your food inside, seal, and drop the bag directly into the water. The hot water will force the air out of the bag, creating a vacuum seal, and the Sous Vide wand will control the water temperature to the precise decimal point (from 32°F-212°F or 0°C-100°C)—all you have to do is set a timer for the food’s cooking time, and wait for the magic to happen. The beauty of sous vide is that, by the process of immersion circulation, your food is cooked completely evenly throughout: no tough outer edges of meat, no jiggly egg whites.

The Sous Vide machine comes with an instruction manual to coach you through the process (but we promise it’s a cinch) and a Cooking Guide that gives you temperature and cooking times for steak, eggs, fish, poultry, and vegetables, however you like them.

  • Made of: Polycarbonate, stainless steel
  • Size: Wand is 3” in diameter x 15” H and weighs 4 pounds

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Photography by Rocky Luten and Linda Xiao.