BBQ Sauce & Rubs (Pack of 4)


Barbecue better. Here’s how: start with very good sauces and rubs, and excellent cuts of meat. This set of 3 rubs and 1 sauce from award-winning North Carolina company Bull City gets it done:

  • Sweet & Tangy Grilling Sauce: The Bull City boys made this for their mom (aw!) — she asked for an alternative to the traditional NC vinegar-based BBQ sauce, so they came up with this one with a “not too thick” consistency. (16 ounces; ketchup, seasoned rice vinegar, apple juice, honey, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, onion, bell pepper, apple, bacon bits, mustard, garlic powder, and spices.)
  • Pig Rub: This pig rub helped Bull City win their very first barbecue competition trophy. Use it before, during, and after cooking. (6 ounces; salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, red pepper, garlic, and other spices.)
  • Beef Rub: This special blend of spices and seasonings brings out the best in smoked and grilled meats. The secret is the salty and sweet combination. (5.5 ounces; kosher salt, brown sugar, paprika, mustard powder, onion, basil, white pepper, black pepper, coriander, cumin, savory, thyme, and other spices.)
  • Wing Rub: A fan favorite on everything from fish to corn on the cob, this one-of-a-kind blend of spices and seasonings was created to greatly enhance chicken wings (as if they weren’t good enough already). (5.5 ounces; Seasoned salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Chili Pepper, and other spices.)

Photography by Mark Weinberg.

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